INCREÍBLE: La esposa de Fernando Alonso, Melissa Jiménez, decidió irse debido a…

UNBELIEVABLE : Fernando Alonso wife  Melissa Jimenez decided to leave due to

With a picture of himself and Schlager and a statement that said, “We wanted to tell you that our relationship as a couple ended,” Alonso announced the news on his Instagram account.


We’ve had the good fortune to spend wonderful times together, and we shall continue to do so, but with a new kind of love.

We have been working on and off track on several projects together during this time, as you have undoubtedly noticed, and we will continue to do so out of pure love and respect for one another.


We felt it was time to let you all know because of your overwhelming support. I’m grateful for that. Love, Fer and Andrea.


Along with thanking their supporters, the couple said they would keep working on other projects together out of love and respect for one another.


Through her F1 obligations, Schlager—a sports commentator with a background in the F1 paddock—met the Spanish racer. Their connection, which has largely remained hidden from the public, is rarely recognized.


Alonso has won the Formula One World Championship twice, in 2005 and 2006. He’s been in a number of romances; he was formerly engaged to Lara Alvarez and married to Raquel del Rosario.



Additionally, Alonso has been romantically involved with Carolina Costa, Dasha Kapustina, and Linda Morselli most recently.


Alonso is childless despite his previous partnerships. He said in 2018 that because of his commitment to the sport, he has “no friends, no family, no leisure time, no privacy,

Alonso finished third in the Australian Grand Prix, wasting most of the competition trying to catch Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.


His race appeared to be over after a collision with Carlos Sainz, but he was given a break when the FIA decided to red flag the event once more.


Because Hamilton finished second and Alonso finished first for the first time in 2023 in a car other than a Red Bull, Alonso’s performance in Australia was notable.


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